Summertime 2017


As we approach another summer, I start to reflect on last summer. We decided to head East for a long road trip again. We wanted to defrost, visit some historical sites, and reconnect with old friends.

We were able to see all of mine and Don’s family members in Texas and Louisiana before heading towards Washington, DC. It was incredible being there again for the 4th of July week. Hot and humid, yes, but so much energy and history.

Something happened, though, after that week, and we realized as a family that it was time to “put the car in the garage.” We were at a different stage of life with the kids. There was more tension and conflict in making decisions or juggling the work/life balance than before. And so, we decided to head back towards Colorado for the remainder of the summer, stopping for a fun week in Chicago first. For future travels, we’d just fly, like “normal” families for shorter vacations. 😉

We had an awesome run while it lasted. Honestly, one of our mentor friends from college told us that the years 8-12 were the “Golden Years” of parenting, and she was right! We lived them up and are so glad we traveled as much as we did during those ages with the kids.

Now, they are going their own ways, finding their groove, pursuing things they care about. And they should be. They are closer to leaving our home and paving their own trails now!

We are still “Freejourners,” though, in so many ways. We always try to say, yes, to adventure, opportunity or new friendships. We probably will never own a home. We seek to prune and simplify our possessions regularly. We are always active. And we love to travel and explore. Colorado has a host of trails and experiences that we’ve yet to see, and this is an amazing hubspot for a multitude of day/weekend trips.


This coming summer, Breckenridge will be our home base. The kids will be heading to Mt. Hood for an awesome two weeks for snowboarding training with Team Summit. And hopefully, they’ll be able to fit in their usual Nike Tennis and Lacrosse Camps closer to home, some hiking/backpacking, and a few other trips sprinkled throughout. Oh, and of course, some relaxing time in our hammocks! Look us up if you head this way, and we’ll let you know if we head yours!


Here’s the link to last summer’s adventures.


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