Soccer with Stu

We count ourselves very lucky to be a part of a large community of homeschool families. We are finding it an easy and quick way to make initial connections and friendships in a new city. Homeschool families tend to have a bit more flexibility around time, and so there are more opportunities to get together.

In Seattle, we were able to visit their Homeschool Park Days on Wednesdays, meeting several families of a large age-range of kids. They played soccer, “hunger games,” tag, etc. I visited a couple of their Class Days at Rec Centers where they were able to play with the kids after their classes. I loved connecting with the moms, and the kids enjoyed making new friends.


We totally lucked out in meeting Sara Cole and her family. Their son, Theo had one-on-one coaching with Stu each week for an hour, and they were generous to invite our boys to join in! Gabe and Isaac were huffing, but were thrilled the whole time and came back talking about all kinds of tips and drills they learned and enjoyed. After one practice, Sara invited us over to lunch – I called it a feast – and then even showed us Bill’s office (her husband) where he writes and publishes comics. The combination of art and technology was fascinating to both of my boys.

I’m so glad that we will all have people – not just places – to connect with as we remember our stays in various places. I think it’s neat that it’s easier for our kids to keep in touch with new friends long distance in this day and age. I told them, they never know, they might be meeting friends from all over that could last through their adult years. (I know, I’m a girl . . I think like that 😉



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