Ferris Wheel


The new Ferris Wheel in Seattle is beautiful! It was our favorite thing to spot in the city, day or night. Not only did it bridge the gap perfectly between urban and nature, but it held its appeal as a new and memorable thing to do while we were in Seattle. But there was a part of Don and I that didn’t want to do just because it seemed like a “touristy” thing to do.

So, our kids would ask about it, and we’d put it off and offer various excuses. They were never whiny, just repetitive and persistent, and I think they really believed they’d get to do it before we left.

So, the time came down to the wire . . .like the very last evening we were there. Would we do it . . or hear about it for the rest of the year? 😉 (j/k that’s not totally true) We decided to make their day and ride that Ferris Wheel together!

It was a wild sensation. We all loved it, and are so glad we did it!



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