Hurricane Ridge

We were sad to leave Seattle today after such a fun month of activity and meeting wonderful people. But we were also very excited about the coming months ahead.

One of the things I was most looking forward to was the Olympic National Park and seeing those snow-capped peaks up close and personal that I’ve been spotting on the horizon on clear days from the City.

Well, today, after loading up, grabbing lunch, and driving to ONP, we didn’t arrive to Hurricane Ridge until the late afternoon. And guess what we saw . . . NOTHING! No peaks, no views, barely any trees. We could hardly see each other because of the thick fog! I died laughing when Gabe said, “Oh, there you are!” when we had gone a bit ahead of him to find a short trail and called back to him to follow us.


The cool thing was that we weren’t terribly disappointed. How could we be. We’ve seen sooo many beautiful views so far. And as much as I’d like, we really can’t control the weather. 😦 (esp. sad as I keep thinking about the Philippines)

I guess we figure that as we journey along this year, we will “win some and lose some” with our timing of it all. And that’s ok. I’m glad we are here. And I do look forward to seeing more things here along the Peninsula beyond the fog.


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