An Edventurous Family

This last weekend, I decided to finally search for different “Roadschool” groups or families online. I came across a couple websites, but my favorite article was an exhaustive post on Roadschooling 101. I resonated with the educational philosophy expressed and appreciated all the wisdom and experience offered. I decided to learn more about the author, Jennifer Miller.

If I thought that one post was a gem, then her family’s website, The Edventure Project is a TREASURE. Their family of 6 has been on the road now for 5 years. They started off in North America ON BIKES, but have managed to travel through 5 continents already! Jennifer shares a wealth of knowledge about how they do life and the things they learn along the way. Her family is living fully, totally real and down-to-earth. That’s what makes them so inspiring.

So, I subscribed to her site and sent her a grateful email. She was in Australia.

Well, I was floored and excited when I received an email back from her saying they’d be flying into Vancouver and driving through Seattle soon – would we like to meet??

Well, of course! We’re the Dalrymple’s. We love stuff like that. (And I particularly love the magical timing of it all)


So, although they were jet lagged and we were running late from a soccer practice, we managed to meet for an hour over lunch and get to know each other. They’ll be hanging around the US for a bit while their kids earn their drivers’ licenses, but who knows what’s next? Probably Europe in the Spring.

We both look forward to a mobile friendship. 😉

I’d recommend browsing through their site, and make sure to check out this post about Jennifer’s parents! Again, so inspiring.

And just in case you need even more inspiration to travel more or make a big move, check out Tsh Oxenreider’s Globetrekking plans for her family next year. I think more and more families are taking advantage of this digital age where work can be done virtually from anywhere. Join us. 😉


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  1. Hi Sonya! Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing our blog with your friends! We were SUCH ZOMBIES over lunch… ugh… jet lag!! We will be more perky next time, I promise!! LOVED meeting your family, you guys remind us of why this is all so worth it, even on the hard days! So cool to meet other families out there pursuing their dreams together!! We MUST connect again, hopefully for more than lunch!


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