Razor Clam Digging

Have you ever heard of Razor Clam Digging? We hadn’t. Until we arrived at Klipsan Beach on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington. It was actually something we were looking forward to. We pictured ourselves with “guns” (yep, we thought we were going to shoot them), and then cooking our catches for dinner that night over a romantic fire.

Well, it’s November.

So, it’s cold.

And this is the rainy season in the Pacific Northwest (or maybe when is it not the rainy season?)

So it’s wet.

Not to mention, ocean water is wet, too.

So, put all that together, and you are wet and cold and have wet, cold feet.

Unless you have rubber boots! Lucky for us, 3 of us fit into some extra boots at our accommodation site.

But the rest of us were still wet and cold all over.

We headed out when the sky was clear and the tide was low. We took our 2 “guns” (more like pipes) and a bucket to hold up to 15 razor clams (yep, that’s the maximum you can catch in one day).


We walked around in the low tidal waters and searched and searched for those little “donuts” in the sand everyone said to find. But we just didn’t see any. We did see a dark rain cloud a ways off, though. Which of course came our way. We stuck it out, still in search for those donuts and clams.

No luck.

We headed back home.

But on the way, Don saw a donut – or at least something that looked different. And so he drilled in that gun, and what do you know, he pulled out a razor clam!! And then, he found another one!


We were so excited. We walked home proudly with our 2 clams, feeling pretty successful for newbies.

Until we got home and realized they were just 2 parts of the same clam. 😦


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