A Blustery Day

Today was a sunny day! Finally!

So, we walked down the road and headed to the beach to take a little break from school work. The sky was gorgeous! The wind was strong! Perfect for kite-flying! Anyone can feel like an expert kite-flyer here! Just let it go, and it’s up in the air. The kids loved it.


The rest of the afternoon was spent with the kids finishing off their reading, and watching a movie while Don and I worked. Before dinner, Don and I went for a run on the beach with the most gorgeous sunset as our backdrop. We got home and had to dump out a half cup of sand from our shoes!


Shrimp scampi pasta for dinner, chocolate chip cookies for appetizer and dessert, and 6 bags of popcorn as we watched movies that night. Pretty perfect, low-key day if I do say so myself. We are loving these down days on the Washington Coast. Check out what Jadyn found at the beach. Please tell me what this is called if you know! Looks like squishy plastic filled with gel to me!




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