Parents of Friends


Do you ever wonder what you’ll be like as an older parent? Like when your kids’ buddies come back around as adults? It’s hard to picture a 30 year old Sage or Morgan with their wives and kids, but I’d like to think we’d welcome them in at any time for any reason. Our kids love them, so we love them, too.

Well, our friend Cindy’s parents have been such a wonderful example of what that could look like for us. They’ve had us over twice already to their beautiful hill-top log home in the country. The first time they spoiled us with instructional time at the shooting range, geocaching, yummy dinner and homemade cookies. We left their home laden with left-overs, a puzzle and even needle and thread to mend a pant-leg.

The second time we showed up, we were only able to give them a few hours notice – and we even brought more people with us!!! (We love for the cool people we know to meet each other.) They were just as warm and hospitable, generous and thoughtful. Miss Nancy had a spread of banana split toppings for dessert for us all with hand-dipped chocolate Oreos! This time we left with about 5 boxes of pizza – enough to last us for a couple more meals!

Thank you, Tim and Nancy for being such a blessing to our family. We have learned so much from Tim and have appreciated your examples immensely!


photo 1


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