Nike Tennis Camps

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We are loyal fans now of Nike Tennis Camps. We signed up all three of our kids for 5 full days of focused tennis instruction in Sedona, AZ at Enchantment Resort last week. They loved it!

From 9-4 each day, they worked on their technique, serves, and strategy, learning from talented, caring coaches. They were separated into smaller groups at their skill level and rotated between several coaches throughout the day. There was a mix of intensity and fun – long rallies and necessary breaks to cool down from the near 100 degree temps!

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At the end of each day, they were wiped out! They watched us join in our own adult clinic as they relaxed by the pool or played chess and bocce ball and sipped on strawberry smoothies. It was no surprise that they fell into bed easily and were eager to be up early again the following morning.


They have all been playing tennis for about two years, and this camp was the perfect opportunity to launch them to a new level, in both their skill and enjoyment and commitment to the game.

We’ve had a long-time dream of playing tennis as a family. It’s been amazing to watch it unfold before our eyes. Because they are older, their learning curve can accelerate. They can transfer their footwork from hundreds of hours on a soccer field to this new sport. We seek out courts in every town we pass through, and pull out our Babolats for a fun workout together.

Nike has tennis camps all over the country, and we’d highly recommend them for kids of all ages. You can opt for a week of half-day, full-day, or even overnight and Adult camps. Let us know if you sign up for one, and maybe we can meet you somewhere next summer!

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