Red Rock Crossing, Sedona

red rock 4

You’ve probably seen the iconic image of Sedona –  Cathedral Rock set in the distance behind a beautiful flowing river. I was determined to find that spot during our stay in Sedona – especially since it had water, and we were melting in these +100 summer temps!

It’s easy to get to once you know where to go, but an initial search on Google does not make it very clear.

It’s called “Red Rock Crossing,” and the best place to see it is by visiting the Crescent Moon Ranch Recreation Area. It’s a small park/picnic area, but you can access it with your National Park Pass, or just pay a day-use fee of $10/vehicle.

If you take the first sidewalk path towards the river, you’ll get to that particular famous view, but somehow I still wasn’t able to catch that perfect angle – perhaps the trees have grown since those pics were taken!

But then, if you take the other path towards the old mill and recreation area, you can enjoy the constant views of Cathedral Rock as you cool off in the flowing, deeper water.

I took my daughter back one evening after our first visit, and we had such a fun time! We built rafts out of twigs and grass and raced them down the rivulets. Hers always won! We swam in the water and slid down the mini-falls. And I collected rocks for her as she built a beautiful rock-home.

It is definitely a place you can spend an entire day with kids if you allow room for imagination, exploration, and play. The backdrop is eternally jaw-dropping, and I couldn’t help but sneak a peek every few minutes between our play. Whenever we need to cool off again this summer, we’ll jump in the car and head back there for a swim!

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