Breckenridge Weather is Crazy, But We Still Hike

We had a pretty crappy mountain day today. A cold front is coming through and hitting the whole area in Breckenridge with storms, and that’s never safe to summit with on the trail.

But late in the evening after we took the kids out to jump tramps and practice their flips at Woodward Copper, we saw a break in the clouds. It was late evening, and we decided to hit the Spruce Creek Trail up to Mohawk lake. It was a beautiful hike, but Sonya and I knew that we were coming back on one of those wet, cold, dark nights. We’ve done it before, and it’s adventurous. We needed our rain gear and flashlights.

Anyways, while we were on the trail, I took a quick moment to share some thoughts on how we live opportunistically. One of the things I do coaching business clients is help them with readiness and clearing the clutter which helps the entrepreneurs I work with to be ready for anything.

It’s also the way us Freejourners live. We get rid of things that don’t matter. We sell on Ebay, Craigslist and personally. We are always evaluating what we can slim down.

And it’s not necessarily about minimalism. It’s about being ready for anything. If someone asks us to go do something, we try to say, “Yes!”

If we see a trail on the side of the road, we pull over and hike it.

If we see someone in need, we meet the need.

If there is a major pow day, we pull out our snowboards and hit the slopes.

We are ready. We don’t have drama, problems, clutter, relational junk or the myriad other things that can trip us up. We want to be free. And that means giving of ourselves as much as we can while we keep out as much as we can.

The hike up to Mohawk Lake was breathtaking. The picture was serene with the perfect sunset view. I’m glad we got to hit it when we did.


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