Birthday Hike to Mt. Quandary


What do you love to do? What if you could do that each year on your birthday?

I feel so lucky that the last two birthdays I’ve been able to hike up mountains. Colorado has over 50 mountains with stellar views that are taller than 14,000 ft. I’m not sure that I can hit all of them, but I think it would be a great birthday tradition each year to pick a new one to hike with family and friends. It’s my favorite thing!

As we get older, I feel like birthdays can end up just being another regular day unless we are really intentional about making it extraordinary. Why not pick your favorite thing to do, grab the ones you love, and make it memorable! You won’t regret it!

This hike to Mt. Quandary, like all 14ers was rough. Don and I enjoyed it together, but it’s not like it was a casual stroll with deep conversation. Much of our hike was quiet, as we were just trying to breathe! 🙂 It offered much time to reflect and take in the experience. I thought about the last year and all that it held – our time in Nashville, snowboarding in CO for the winter, the kids’ activities, our business, Arbonne, tennis, visits with friends and family, Sedona – I’m very grateful for it all!

And there is so much to look forward to in the year ahead. Travel. Business. (By the way, check out Don’s video that he recorded at the top of the peak about Not Taking Shortcuts) Friendships. More hikes, tennis and snowboarding. School and life-long learning through great books. Continued focus on healthy living and helping other people with theirs. This life passes so quickly, we just want to take it all in and make the most impact we can.

I always get a little sad as I begin to descend the mountain peak. I usually pause to take one last look around. And then I remember that life is generally not filled with mountain-top moments. But I can hold onto the memory and carry it with me, as we go through the regular, mundane, day-to-day details of a normal day, and it brings a smile to my face. That’s what birthdays can be. 🙂


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