Big Mountain Snowboarding and Competitions

We have snowboarded some of the best mountains in the world the last few years and made some amazing friends and memories.

We’re shredders, and we think about snow, big mountains, jumps, tricks, pow and fun lines down big slopes.

You can watch the above video that Sonya and Gabe worked on to capture some of the moments in living color of our time as a family from the last snowboarding season.

The kids had some intense weeks of training and competition in halfpipe, slopestyle and boardercross with Team Summit. And Sonya and I had many hours to board together with friends, too.

The kids are comfortable in parks and hitting some big jumps. We are all cruising fast and got to do some side-country on the Outback in Keystone on awesome pow days.

Living on the resort makes getting out our back door so easy and quick, and we are itchy for getting our boards out and gunning it.

I really like days when we can all ride together. The feeling of hanging with the whole family and hitting run after run is nothing short of exhilarating.

Jadyn was at the top of her age group in competition last year and has amazing grace and style.

Gabe and Isaac are right in the middle of comps with all the mountain kids and are making leaps and jumps in their progression.

All three kids are natural racers. They have it in their blood and lock in for training and comps. So much fun to watch them go at it.

Sonya and I are on one long date in our marriage! We snowboard as buds and are always enjoying long days finding good snow and exploring all the mountains we love up here in Summit County as well as the ones we travel to in Utah and other parts of Colorado.

The days are getting colder already. When first snow breaks, we will be on the mountains. Ping us if you’re up here and we’ll ride together!


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