Falling into Fall Routines

IMG_4814Our summer passed quickly! After a hot, great month in Sedona, a few visits to National Parks, and several awesome hikes around Breckenridge, CO, we are now back to some regular work and school routines. It’s always nice for me to be able to plan healthy meals, know where we are going to sleep for the following week, and deeply enjoy the relationships and sites of one particular place, not to mention just having more hours for work and meetings.

But none of us are extremely rigid in our personalities. We appreciate the rhythms of life to be productive, but we all are drawn to variety and the unforeseen opportunities each day. A break in the clouds after several gloomy days always beckons us outside. This week Don and I enjoyed a full hour of tennis with Jadyn around lunch time before the rain started wetting the courts.

Another day, I took out Jadyn for a fun nature study of Geese. We found some Canadian Geese on the shores of Lake Dillon and watched them for several minutes, even with binoculars so we could observe more closely. Although geese are not her favorite, it was a special time just being outside and learning about something new. We also enjoyed a quick hike around the Peninsula Trail, crossing a sandbar to a little island, making a boat, and finding some beautiful rocks. Her imagination always astounds me, and I’m grateful to be able to experience it daily.

One thing I have learned over the years is to plan margin for those great opportunities. Jadyn knows if she finishes her work quickly, she can head outside to work on her fairy garden before her next subject. I have also planned slots in our schedule for nature hikes, PE, and other various outings. It not only breaks up our days, but actually helps motivate us for the more heady and tedious work that just has to get to done.

Here are a few pics we captured from our day out:





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